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Ghana national ambulance service ranks and salaries

Scroll down and find how to apply or mode of application for this job after the job description. Candidate who meet requirement A and B above must posses the following Educational Qualifications:. General qualification: graduate candidates must satisfy requirement A, B and C: In addition must possess:. The first year of this programme is the EMT Basic training followed by the Advanced programme for the second year.

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Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for screening and examination at designated screening centers. Successful Applicants will be invited in batches, for Medical Screening and physical examination. Only applicants who are successful in the Medical Examination will be recruited for training. Purchase e-voucher card at a cost of GHS JobSearch Ghana is your most reliable website for latest jobs in Ghana today.

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Assessment Of Ghana's National Ambulance Service

Patiently scroll down and read the job description below. Carefully follow the instructions on how to apply. NB: The National Ambulance Service has not contracted any middleman to recruit on its behalf and as such no monies should be paid to anybody with regards to to application. Please do not submit more than one application form. All academic certificates will be vetted at WAEC and any applicant who is found to have presented forged documents will be prosecuted.

Similar Jobs. Similar Company Jobs.Below, are the latest updates on Ghana National Ambulance Service Jobs Vacancy application form, requirements, eligibility, available positions, qualifications needed, application guidelines, application deadline, how to apply, closing date, and others important links below on Eduloaded.

We will update the public as soon as the recruitment begins. The public is advised to be alert on recruitment scams.

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I would have be very grateful if you could kindly help me to get ambulance form. Thanks in anticipation. Please is the general forms out because the one out now is for drivers only or we all can apply some. Please my 3 papers are not good. Your email address will not be published. Beware of Fraudsters!!!! Subscribe to our notification list with your email to receive the Latest Jobs Update.

Richard says:.

ghana national ambulance service ranks and salaries

May 9, at am. Iddriss Bin Ahmed says:. May 11, at pm. May 15, at pm. May 16, at pm. May 17, at am. Promise Tsagli says:. May 17, at pm. Gloria lartey says:. Emelia says:.All recruits look forward to the Ghana national service allowance especially for the first timers.

ghana national ambulance service ranks and salaries

Formed inthe National Service Secretariat NSS is the body that was delegated the duties to ensure that all citizens of the country offer national service for one year before they are employed elsewhere. Being part of the Ghana constitution, under actthe body was delegated with the mandate to ensure that the youths, regardless of their gender offer their service to the country upon which they would be paid an allowance on a monthly basis for the one year that they will be in service.

Normally, the duration of national service in Ghana is one year within which the youths get something to survive on. Upon reporting to the stated places of duty, the terms of payment are that the allowances are calculated from the first day that the subject starts to work.

For those National Service Personnel that are posted to work in learning institutions, their allowances shall be the government through the National Service Secretariats. For those who shall be posted to Corporations and churches, their allowances shall be paid from the money that those corporations and churches make from their day- to-day activities. For those personnel that get posted to private companies, the companies will be responsible for their allowances.

These private companies will again be required to pay a certain percentage to the National Service Secretariat. Therefore it is very clear that the NSS salary varies depending on the place that the person has been posted. The placement majorly depends on the course pursued.

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Looking at it at a larger picture, most of the sectors in the country have benefited so much from the creation of the Ghana national service. The National Service Personnel has helped curb the problem of inadequate teaching staff in most parts of the country. The education sector has ended up benefiting so much. This has generally been of great impact to the country at large. One perfect reason why the national service should be applauded.

However, looking at it five years ago, it is saddening that the average amount of money that was allocated to a National Service Personnel was not able to meet their basic needs, let alone save a few pennies for the future.

This was so devastating since the allowance earned at the end of the month did not match the amount of effort put it in building the nation at large.

In as much as the candidate was gaining exposure and experience in their specific fields, it still posed a burden on them since their efforts did not bear the kind of fruits they are supposed to. It ended up killing their self-esteem.

It was more demoralizing to learn that the Ghana national service allowance was cedis back then. In as much as the national service is aimed at encouraging the spirit of national service, the amount that is paid as allowances to the National Service Personnel could be gauged as below average with reference to the rising cost of living. In most places, for instance, the cost of housing ranged from 45 cedis to cedis.

Considering some of these personnel are posted in areas where they are required to commute to their places of work. This was an additional expense to the cost of basic needs. At the end of the month most of these National Service Personnel ended up with zero to very little savings. This was not a good picture since the government is supposed to encourage its citizens to always plan for the future. For months the quest on national service allowance amount has flagged the news headlines with the need for Ghana national service allowance increment.

A lot has been said on the same.The Health Board Act allowed for the provision of an ambulance service by each of the eight boards for their respective area.

The health board ambulance services operated independently of each other, being funded from their board budget. Inthe National Ambulance Training School was established to provide training to ambulance staff on a national level, catering for the progression of pre-hospital care and the development of skills in the ambulance service as a whole. This was the first step towards nationalisation of the service, however it was not until with the establishment of the Health Service Executive HSE that the new National Ambulance Service was established.

With the new service being established, and with the new training standards implemented by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Councilthe service acquired a national insignia, standardised uniforms, vehicles and equipment as well as a national recruitment process for staff. The operational uniform consists of green cargo trousers with a white open-neck shirt bearing the ambulance service crest as well as high-visibility outerwear for night time and poor visibility conditions.

The dress uniform is navy blue with a white shirt and peaked cap. All front line ambulances operated by the service are CEN compliant. Almost identical to UK ambulances, they are yellow in colour with green and yellow battenburg markings along the vehicle.

They are fitted with emergency lighting, digital radios, touchscreen data terminals, satellite navigation and tracking systems. The ambulance saloon is fully insulated with environmental control. Ambulances are also capable of securely holding an incubator in place of a stretcher.

Up until then, St. There is also a second campus based in BallinasloeCounty Galwaywhich trains paramedics and Intermediate Care Operatives. Paramedic and advanced paramedic programmes are conducted in conjunction with an affiliate University. Controllers ask the caller a series of structured questions and assign a determinant code to the call based on that information.

This information is then passed on to the paramedics to determine a blue light or non-blue light response to the call. These systems allow controllers to dispatch the closest available NAS ambulance to the scene. The National Ambulance Service directly provides all emergency ambulance services in Ireland.

This service currently operates under its own command and control and with the exception of Health Service Executive funding, is entirely independent of the National Ambulance Service. Ina draft proposal by the HSE addressed concerns with the system of ambulance provision in the Dublin area. The concerns were related to the lack of integration between the two services from a command and control perspective and the fact that Dublin City Council does not fall under the remit of the healthcare watchdog Health Information and Quality Authority HIQA.

Matters to be reviewed include the way ambulances are dispatched, service provision and value for money. Riders are paramedics recruited from within the service.

The MRU is based in Dublin South Central ambulance station in Drimnaghclose to Dublin City Centre where heavy traffic congestion and narrow streets are more easily overcome by the agile nature of the motorcycle. It principally responds to remote areas which would be otherwise difficult to access by road.

In addition to frontline emergency ambulance services, the HSE National Ambulance Service provides a routine and non-routine inter-facility transfer service 24 hours a day. This specially designed vehicle is equipped and crewed for the purpose of providing an inter-facility transfer service and responding to low acuity calls, which in turn will make more frontline vehicles, crewed by higher skilled paramedics and advanced paramedics, available for emergencies.

The NAS is also responsible for providing decontamination services in the event of a chemical, biological or nuclear incident. This service is provided in conjunction with the Irish Coast Guard. The NAS also provides a Neonatal Intensive Care emergency ambulance service and a Mobile Intensive Care Unit which are available hours a day nationwide to transport their respective patients and medical teams to specialised facilities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.The Bureau of National Investigations is the internal intelligence agency of Ghana.

Bureau of National Investigations BNI is an integral part of the National Security Council which oversees matters of the counterintelligence and security of Ghana both internal security and external security. The Bureau of National Investigations BNI has investigative jurisdiction to arrest or detain and interrogate over a wide range of criminal offenses. The BNI has undisclosed offices in all the ten regions of Ghana and internationally.

So the higher your rank, the better your salary. The exact amount being paid is not made public since its an intelligence agency who values secrecy. Ghana Police Service Medicals List Ghana Air Force Ranks. Ghana National Ambulance Service Enlistment Ghana Prisons Service Pass Out Ghana Prisons Service Enlistment GNFS Enlistment Ghana Immigration Service Graduates Requirements GIS Regional Office.

GIS Contact Details. GIS Recruitment Portal. GIS General Duties. GIS Training School. Ghana Police Service Screening Centers Ghana Immigration Service Medical Examination Ghana Prisons Service Act Details. Ghana Prisons Service Uniforms Details.

Ghana National Ambulance Service Recruitment 2020 – Apply Here

About Ghana National Ambulance Service. Ghana National Ambulance Recruitment Requirement Your email address will not be published.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Senior and subordinate officers have different rank systems. Broadly speaking, senior officers have more leadership duties. However, many Officers start off as subodinate officers, before gaining their commission. The first rank held on commissioning.

It is normally held for up to 4 years.

Ghana National Ambulance Services

The job of the Assistant Superintendent of Prisons involves staff duties, supervision, custody, treatment, and training of inmates confined in a prison facility. Deputy Superintendent of Prisons participates in the day-to-day operations of the prison.

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The Superintendent of Prisons is responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of the activities, physical security of the facility, the rights and welfare of inmates and coordination of rehabilitation services.

He shall be responsible for the implementation of the policy of the Ghana Prison Service pertaining to prison administration, the care and welfare of the prisoners and their proper training for rehabilitation in society.

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The Deputy Director of Prisons is the head of the Prison Department in the assigned region and shall subject to such general or special orders as may be issued by the Director General of Prisons from time to time, exercise control and superintendence over all prisons in the region and is responsible for the internal management and economy of the Prisons under his authority.

Under the general supervision of the Director-General of Prisons, Responsibilities include analyzing and recommending action on stations requests, including budgets; identifying needs and priorities for consideration by the Director General of Prisons.

Subject to the provisions of Article 2 of the Constitution and any relevant laws, the Director General of Prisons shall be responsible for the operational control and administration of the Prisons Service. He shall be the head of the Ghana Prisons Service and responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Prisons Service Council.

Promotion to Lance Corporal may follow after 3 to 4 years as 2nd Class Officer. Work with the senior chief officer and Shift-in-Charge, in such areas as guarding the in and outside perimeter walls and vital installations, searches of vehicles and persons entering and exiting the prison and prisoner supervision.

Perform routine work involving the care and custody of offenders. Work involves the direct supervision of offender work groups in their daily assigned duties and the responsibility of preventing escapes and maintaining discipline while performing specific security duties in conformance with strict rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures. Performs moderately complex work involving the care and custody of offenders.

Work involves the direct supervision of offender work groups in their daily assigned duties including the responsibility of preventing escapes and maintaining discipline in conformance with strict rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures.

Perform highly complex work involving the care and custody of offenders. Assumes an advanced level of responsibility for the care and custody of assigned offenders through knowledge of and adherence to laws, rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures governing the Ghana Prison Service. The Senior Chief Officer is the liaison between the subordinate officer corps and the superior officer corps of the prison.

He shall be generally responsible for observance of all prescribed rules and orders; security, custody and discipline, supervision over care and welfare of prisoners; supervision over personnel matters, staff discipline and staff welfare. Ghana Prisons Service Homepage. Ghana Prisons Service- About Us. Ghana Prisons Service Training. Ghana Prisons Service Uniforms. Ghana Prisons Service Departments and Units.

Ghana Prisons Service Organisational Chart. Ghana Prisons Service Establishment. Ghana Prisons Service Contact Details. Ghana Prisons Service Headquarters. Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment. Ghana Police Service Recruitment.

Ghana Immigration Service Recruitment. Ghana Fire Service Recruitment. Ghana Red Cross Society Recruitment. Ghana National Ambulance Service Recruitment. Your email address will not be published. Ghana Prisons Service Ranks Ranks.The Ghana National Ambulance Service recruits people during the first or last quarter of the year.

We will update the public as soon as the recruitment begins. The public is advised to be alert on recruitment scams. View the National Ambulance Entry Requirement. Ghana National Ambulance Service Overview. Ghana National Ambulance Service Location. Ghana Ambulance Service personnel pass out.

ghana national ambulance service ranks and salaries

And l want to apply to your institution. Please you can email me when you start recruiting people. Kindly follow the link below for details. Ghana National Ambulance Service Recruitment comes in the first or last quarter of every year. Yes Mohammed. Kindly check back or bookmark ghfinder. Kindly check out the National Ambulance Entry Requirement.

Please am a HND holder in textile design and want to know whether am qualified to applied or not? I am currently working as a drivers assistant in the united Arab emirates Abu Dhabi and am willing to work in the institution to serve mother Ghana. Isaac is my name,Please am a driver with driving license D but am having f in English and maths in wasse please can I apply. Can i apply? Pls, let me know before buying the voucher. Can I also apply for Ghana National Ambulances services.

Thank you…….

ghana national ambulance service ranks and salaries

Thank you. Can i apply for Ghana National Ambulances services. And also, i am not good in computer literate. Please my Name is Kassim Idrisu i have applied for National ambulance service as non driver to save lives am a French graduate i can speak French fluently but on my SHS certificate i had 3 passes in core subjects that is English, maths and science please will i get admission please?

Thank you sir, i will be very happy to get admission i will sacrifice my life for mother Ghana to save lives it is a work of God as well. Sir,pls I have a certificate 2 in automotive and hnd in mechanical engineering automotive ,with respect to drivers licence C,how can I apply. Hi Dennis, You need three credits in both elective and core subjects, which include core maths and English to apply for Ghana National Ambulance Service Recruitment.

Start the process again on a computer. But if you applied earlier with a computer, change the browser and start all over again. Please how many times can one use the E-VOUCHER, am asking because am using my personal machine to do the registration and after that before I will go and print it, so I want to know if I can use it for the second time for the printing.

I have degree in banking and finance and I applied but the problem is when I was entering university they used social to grade me instead of science please will u also do the same because I got D7 in science.

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