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Quadriplegic ventilator story

He attended the University of Cincinnati on a full-ride scholarship. But an accident during his junior year would change both his life and his focus. Atkins was driving four of his fraternity brothers to a retreat in Tennessee when he lost control of his SUV.

He used a ventilator and feeding tube in the hospital for fourth months to survive. Doctors told him he had a spinal cord injury similar to Christopher Reeve, the Superman actor who later suffered his own paralyzing spinal cord injury.

Atkins was determined to get back on his feet. He worked hard at physical therapy in order to prove to the doctors he would walk again. One of his doctors called him an overachiever regarding his approach to therapy. Atkins made some progress, moving off a ventilator, but he learned regaining the use of his limbs would be more difficult.

Instead of focusing entirely on healing his body, he put his energy into restoring his Christian faith. He began blogging about his spinal cord injury and recovery. Around that time, an old classmate offered to help. She changed schools after second grade, but a chance re-encounter on Facebook reconnected the two years later. Their friendship eventually developed into a relationship.

They chose the date to take the focus off of the moment that impaired Atkins' body, concentrating more on the moment the two will begin building a life together. They know some people may feel sorry for them because of Atkins injury, but the two remain hopeful. The navigation could not be loaded.For the last 24 years -- since he was paralyzed at age 3 in a car accident -- Crews has been a quadriplegicable to speak and eat, but not breathe on his own.

No job prospects. I have no love prospects. All I want is to no longer live like this. The Supreme Court ruled a decade ago that a person can refuse medical treatment -- provided they are competent. And that is the biggest hurdle for Crews. The head psychiatrist at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, where Crews has received most of his treatment since he was airlifted from the accident, says he is depressed and that overrides his ability to make a life or death decision.

The hospital did not return calls for comment, but medical records obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel revealed that psychiatrists and mental health professionals have ruled Crews is depressed and must be treated before they will agree to such an irrevocable step. Crews is now on antidepressants, but has refused psychiatric care. When he tried to starve himself, doctors threatened to use a feeding tube and he relented. But he hasn't changed his mind about dying.

Because his diaphragm is paralyzed, he is hooked up to a mechanical ventilator connected to his throat that breathes for him. He can use the telephone and type on the computer with a mouth stick and has no problem eating, if family members or nurses put the food in his mouth.

But Crews is physically unable to kill himself. Lately, he spends most of the day in his dark bedroom sleeping, in between medical checks for vital signs.

In the evening he watches movies and television. His father, Gerald Crews, objects to his son's wishes. His mother, Cheryl Crews, 60, is willing to stand by her son. An estimated 5 to 10 percent of spinal cord injury patients contemplate suicide, six times higher than in the general population, according to the Kessler Institute in New Jersey, one of the nation's top rehabilitation centers, the one that treated the late actor Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a riding accident.

Vocaturo, Kessler's director of neuropsychology. It's more about the perception of their health status and level of care giving. Many in the disabled community are uncomfortable with Crews' decision, but says Crews, "Most quadriplegics had a life before they were paralyzed. They had wives before the accident, but I had nothing.

quadriplegic ventilator story

No one expected Crews to live as long as he did, according to his mother. She was driving the car 24 years ago that swerved off a slick country road into a ditch.

Cheryl Crews punctured a lung and broke her neck, but Dan, strapped in to his car seat, "came out looking like he hadn't even broken a bone. He has needed a ventilator ever since. The trust settlement gave the family enough money to hire good nurses. Who knew this would turn around and bite him. With the medical expenses and the economic downturn, the trust fund ran out, dashing any hopes for further education, seeking the second opinion of new psychiatrists or even a legal fight against the hospital.

Crews has applied for Medicaid and will likely end up in a ward of the state and in a nursing home. Though he would like to continue to live at home, Illinois Medicaid often denies requests for the hour care, according to the Journal-Sentinel report.

Quadriplegic Dan Crews Swamped With Letters: Don't Die

He said he even considered moving to Oregon or Washington, states where doctor-assisted suicide is legal, and establishing the required month residency. But no one could promise that a psychiatrist would rule him capable of making the decision and he couldn't afford the move. Crews said he life had been "pretty good" until the age of about He was an honors student, earned a two-year degree at College of Lake County and aspired to be a criminal prosecutor.

But soon, he began to feel he had no control over his future.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Ana De La Cruz, 41, was "at peace with going home" after years of fighting infections and other health problems, her husband says.

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If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. Rick De La Cruz wife's Ana was a quadriplegic and needed a ventilator at all times to breathe.

She passed away on Oct. Ana De La Cruz, a paralyzed Norwalk woman who lost all options for nursing-home care in central Iowa, has died. With the Des Moines facility curtailing ventilator-care service, her nearest option for a nursing home would be 90 miles away in Lenox. De La Cruz died Oct. After years of struggle, she decided she no longer wanted doctors to use antibiotics to treat the infection that led to her latest hospitalization.

He said he was grateful to be at her side when she died at a ventilator-care unit that a national company runs at Mercy. The funeral is scheduled for a. Saturday at Urbandale Baptist Church. Visitation will precede the service, starting at a. Ana De La Cruz, 41, had been paralyzed from the neck down sincewhen she had surgery for a non-cancerous tumor on her brain stem. Doctors had warned the couple paralysis was an unlikely but possible complication of the operation, Rick De La Cruz said.

Only a half-dozen Iowa nursing homes accept people on ventilators. Caring for such patients is complicated and expensive, partly because of constant risks of serious infections. Ana De La Cruz had been repeatedly hospitalized for such problems.Pages Home Quadriplegic Paraplegic. They are all fictional, however, they are very erotic for those who love Women who are disabled due to being paralyzed.

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There will be stories about taking care of disabled women, disabled women taking care of themselves. This is going to be a constant work in progress, so add this site to your favorites, and check back regularly. I really hope you enjoy this site, Cheers! My name is Beth. I'm 19 years old, I'm a dancer, well, I used to be.

I live with my girlfriend Cindy, she is also now my caretaker. I am frozen from the neck down, from a car accident that happened two nights after graduating from High School, by a drunken maniac in a 5 ton Dump Truck, that went through my care like a war missile.

First off, I have an amazing girlfriend named Cindy, yes, I am a lesbian. She is a VERY loving person. If it wasn't for her, I would still be lying there by myself, in a hospital bed, getting my ass wiped by some stranger. I can't feel, or move anything below my chin. I am a petite lady If you can still call me thatwith a very tight figure, and decent sized breasts. Anyways, this is a day in my life.

I hear the faint beep of the alarm clock, it wakes me up. I am quickly reminded after a few seconds, that those dreams about me dancing with my Girlfriend were just that, dreams. My body is numb, frozen from my chin down, not even being able to feel Cindy get out of bed, as she walks around, over to my side of the bed. Of course, anything she is doing to me that I tell you about, I can only hear as she's telling me, I can not feel her loving hands.

She pulls the blankets off of my paralyzed body, and pushes them on the floor. She checks my Depends diaper, and tells me that it is full of poop.

I can even smell it, now that the blankets are no longer covering me. She tells me that she could smell it, and that it woke her up, but she let me sleep for a few more minutes. I am still embarrassed, and miserable for having to wear diapers, pissing and shitting my pants night and day, and leaving it for my girlfriend to clean it up. She now turns me on my back, and then walks over to grab the changing bed.

Cindy wheels it over to our bed, and then moves my limp, useless body onto it. I imagine that if I could feel it, it would be very cold.

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She takes the wide, Velcro straps and an wraps them from my thin legs.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Jay Hawthorne, a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic for 15 years, wants to be catalyst for change. A link has been sent to your friend's email address.

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Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. Please be polite. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. Quadriplegic Hockessin man shares his story. A ventilator-dependent quadriplegic for the last 15 years, Hawthorne used to enjoy feeling his grandmother's comforting presence envelop him.

A ladies' man, he used to bench press pounds and run 5 miles just for fun. Some look at the year-old in sweats as a wake-up call, a reminder to appreciate what you have. Others regard him with pity, wondering why he doesn't just curl up in a ball and waste away. On Saturday, Hawthorne will tell his life story for the first time in public to inspire others with spinal cord injuries and form a support network.

He will discuss his battles with drugs, alcoholism and gambling during Delaware's first Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day. His friends and family were able to secure an official state proclamation.

Sharing the stage at the Well Coffeehouse and Marketplace in Hockessin will be his "big boss," older sister Laura Hawthorne. Jay knows there is a higher purpose to his suffering, Laura insists. A photograph of him at age 24 — three years before the accident — shows a heartthrob who could rival Tom Cruise circa "Top Gun.

Growing up in a single-parent household near Little Italy, Jay began experimenting with alcohol and drugs at age 11, his sister recalls.

Quadriplegic Begs to Die, But Hospital Refuses

Years of destructive behavior followed.It took an hour to get there and an hour to get back. My shift was from PM to AM. I normally left home at because the state of MO was adding another 2 lanes to the highway and causing long delays in my commute. On this day, my husband walked me to the car, where I noticed immediately that the car had a flat tire. Panic set in. It was very important that I got to work and got there on time.

I had to hurry. I called my mom to see if I could borrow her car. So when my mother agreed to lend me her car, I rushed to her house to get it before finally heading to work, leaving my car with my husband so the tire could be repaired and ready for me the next day.

After working my shift, I clocked out. So I headed home, stopping for gas and cigarettes. The time was a. I passed another gas station on my way home. It was there I saw my father and the guy he was carpooling with standing outside the station drinking coffee and talking. I passed them and continued home.

So the story continues. It had been drizzling rain all day. It still was. I was about 15 minutes into the drive home when things went wrong. Coming out of a detour remember those lane expansions? Everything I had ever learned about driving sprang into my mind. I did all those things. I thought that I could ease back onto the highway and make it home. Hitting the boulders, the car began to flip. I watched out the windshield as the world went up, then down, and then up again.

I somehow managed to count the flips as I watched out the windshield, through the dust and shattered glass and flying debris. On the second flip, I felt my body being pulled toward the open window from the centrifugal force. I knew that on the next flip, I was going to be ejected. But I also knew that if that happened, I would die.

Sure enough, on the third flip I felt it happening. I was going to go out the window. I had saved my life. Suddenly, all the chaos and the noise stopped. The world in and around the car went silent but for the CD which was still playing in the stereo. I opened my eyes and tried to assess my situation, fighting back the panic that wanted to consume me.I have read and loved all your stories, even if english is not my first language I would like yo thank you for sharing them, I hope some day I can read one in wich the main character is a male, but straight, cause I'm a girlsand I would love to imagine myself taking care of a poor, cripple, diapered quad Thank you for the feedback, and enjoying my stories!

I will try writing a story in which the main character is a straight male, with a female caretaker, although it may be hard for me to write as a mostly gay man.

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Are there any particular things you would like this story to have? I'd be more than willing to implement them, if I think they would fit the story. What level of paralysis do you envision your poor cripple to have; a higher c1-c4ventilator dependent, almost completely dependent quadriplegic, or a lower one that still has some bodily function, or would you prefer a paraplegic, and if so, a higher or lower paraplegic?

I would really appreciate some details on what you would like, as a straight woman, in a fucked up story like this, so I have a better idea of what to write. I'm so thrilled you answered me, I can tell you, I've been visiting your page sometimes 2 or 3 times a week in the last year just hoping there's something newI'm a straight young womenso I'm basically into young men, but I don't mind if he's bisexual, I mean, I would love to make him feel well if maybe he still have some sensation in his poor paralyzed anus, even if that may take some toys or even someone else involved with us, I imagine him totally crippled, the more dependent the better, but maybe not vent-dependent even if I adore how they talk, the ventilator would restrain so much the dirty thing I would love to do to him so I just have a thing for chin controlled wheelchairs, I do not know why, but it makes my wet just to see a big, masculine chintrying so hard to maneuver a big chair, full of bands, seatbelt and all I would love to take care of him every day, clean his diaper, and give him love even when he's ashamed, make him feel ok, happy and adored, completely safebath him and spoonfeed him, and a lot of dirty dirty things too OMG, that would be so great to read.

I hope this cap pick your interest, let me know, I can give you all the details you want. I will begin writing a story that fits that criteria at some point, but it may take me a while, since I only write these stories when very horny. I'm probably going to make him vent dependent, but the dirty things you would like to do are still possible, just on an even more helpless man.

I will also make sure that he has a hard time using his mouth, but is still capable of eating soft foods that are spoonfed to him. The diapers are of course going to be a huge part of the story. Thank you for all of the advice, and if you have any more ideas that I could incorporate into the story, feel free to comment them.

quadriplegic ventilator story

I envision this guy with a super successful past life, tall, strong, handsome, sexy and smart, maybe as an architect, or a doctor, or something like this, always dressed with designer clothes and driving a super luxury car I would love to wipe his mouth and use a bib on him I wrote you a long time ago, I'm not sure if you're still looking on your blog, but do you have any hangout account to chat?

I found a treasure Hope we can talk more Saturday, April 16, Nathan's Quadriplegic Story. Extremely descriptive and fucked up fantasies of mine below, depicting very gay and disgusting actions.

quadriplegic ventilator story

Proceed with caution. I'm Nathan, a complete quadriplegic from my adam's apple down.

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